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A reliable staffing partner like Tru Staffing will take care of every aspect of the employee relationship to save you time, energy, resources, and sanity.

Keep it simple

Easy Step-By-Step Process

It is as simple as contacting us and getting started. We help immediately attract, recruit, hire, train, and ultimately help you keep talent.

1. Attract

2. Recruit

3. Interview

4. Hire

5. Train

6. Keep

Our propriety software allows us to quickly locate your next hire for you. Gone are the days of endless job postings!

Our trained staff is waiting to do the leg work for you. We are passionate about finding the right candidate for your needs.

We take the time to learn your business' values to ensure every candidate we interview is exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you hire them directly, or we handle all employee related activities, we are here for you through ever step of the hiring process.

Tru Staffing has a library of policy & procedure documents and we align all employee trainings to your brands mission.

Employee retention increases when so much care is put into the hiring process.

Here for you

You're Covered With Tru Staffing

Our proprietary software allows us to locate and secure your next hires quickly. Our suite of payroll services also ensures you’re always accurate and on time!



Merchant Wholesalers

Your distro center operates 24-hours a day and so do we. Tru Staffing will help you keep all shifts fully staffed.

Wholesale Trade & Electronic Markets

Ensure top staff flexiblity by partnering with Tru Staffing to take care of all of your employee needs.

General Distribution Hubs

From admin to lumpers to forklift drivers we have everything you need to keep your hub up and running.

See How Tru Can Help You

We are always around to discuss your needs to see how we can help you save time, energy, resources, and sanity.